Artykuł Marty Warat i Trine Korsvik

W międzynarodowym czasopiśmie NORA - Nordic Journal of Feminist and Gender Research ukazał się artykuł autorstwa Marty Warat i Trine Korsvik "Framing Leave for Fathers in Norway and Poland: Just a Matter of Gender Equality?" będący wynikiem pracy w WP2 w zakresie analiz polityk publicznych w Polsce i Norwegii.

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How has leave for fathers been framed during periods of intensive public debates in Norway and Poland? Recognizing that childcare policy is one of the key aspects of social citizenship, the article examines justifications for adopting paternity and parental leave schemes by mapping master and minor frames in various policy documents and newspaper articles. In Norway, periods of leave earmarked for fathers have been in operation for more than 20 years and comprise 10 weeks with full wage compensation in 2016. In Poland a two-week period of paid leave for fathers with full compensation was introduced in 2010. In both countries, fathers are also entitled to share parental leave with mothers. Our argument is that despite the different political, financial, and social context in the two countries, the discussions in Norway and Poland reveal certain similarities with regard to framing fathers' leave as a degenderizing policy tool. In both countries, leave periods for fathers have been promoted as a means for changing masculinity and fatherhood, as well as a measure for advancing gender equality in the labour market. However, the analysis also shows that there are differences. While in Norway fathers' schemes are increasingly seen as a tool to close the gendered pay gap, their potential for responding to demographic challenges has been central in Polish debates.